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Monday October 19th, 2020

Blanc Festival Conferences

I would like to inform you of my participation as a speaker in the Variety section in the new edition of the Blanc Festival Conferences (Design, Creativity and Innovation Conferences) which will take place on 23 and 24 October by live streaming from Barcelona Design Museum.

The exhibition will take place at 10.40am on Saturday 24 October and I will talk about The Process of Creativity that I follow when I design a collection.
On this website you will find all the info about this edition and full schedule:


Cristina Malet

 Cristina Malet belongs to the second generation of Jewelers of a family business founded in 1960. And she is vice president of the FIDEM Foundation (International Foundation of the entrepreneurial donut).

From the beginning she developed a talent for design and a passion for the entire world of jewelry. During her training she combined studies and work. Her long professional career is what has developed her a more global vision of what design is and what she wants to convey through it. The design has allowed him to convey and express personal emotions.

Since 1995 she has assumed the Design area of LIDAJOIES, giving a change of vision to the firm and looking for a way to give the jewel a more emotional sense. From here, he creates collections with the intention of highlighting feelings, ideas or stories.
Manager of LIDAJOIES Barcelona since 2004.

The design of each collection must have a timeless connotation, it must endure over time. It has to do with the socio-economic moment in which we are currently.
What is important or what the market needs, and the accessories trends that prevail at all times: colors, shapes, sizes.