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  • Trencant Cadenes

    Transform your broken chains into renewed jewelry.

    Emphasize the importance of reusing materials, minimizing waste, and maximizing the value of existing resources.
    Each restored piece retains its original essence but shines with a new purpose and meaning.
    Reflect the trend towards sustainability and showcase how creativity can turn beloved objects into something special and unique.
    Contribute to a more sustainable world by reusing and preserving the beauty of broken chains.
    Each renewed jewel tells a story of resilience and transformation.

  • Evolución

    From Creativity we can also help the Environment.

    With the Evolution collection, LidaJoies is committed to Sustainability. Create, reuse and recycle jewelry.

    It is possible to reuse the materials already extracted and thus avoid the extraction of more metals. Our Policy is based on the importance of creating sustainable and locally made products.

    Betting on recycling is an added value.

  • IO
  • City Jewerly

    Created to be worn while you walk around the city.

    Your best bet for the day to day.

    Comfortable, functional and versatile jewels, made in silver or yellow or white gold, diamonds or blue sapphires, topaz and amethysts crown the collection.

  • United by the same...

    Created for you who love the essence of the human being, you feel connected to people and you commit to your society.

  • Happy Mood

    Jewels that move to the beat of the wearer.

    Chains on oval and round earrings, necklaces and bracelets in satin yellow and silver gold, combined with natural stones.

  • La Vie
  • A Piece of Soul

    The jewels that you do not separate from become charms and eventually become part of our being.

    A PIECE OF SOUL wants to be a tribute to the memory, it is a very intimate collection because it speaks of deep feelings.

  • Historia de una sonrisa

    "The Story of a Smile", is a collection inspired in the maximum expression of Optimism. A smile is a positive attitude able to break barriers, create bonds, make people more gentle and join people.

    A same lady can express her attitude in so many different ways only with how she smiles, she can appear to be Elegant, Blue, Fun or Seductive.

    The design of this collection seeks to underline the happiness of its colors with the stones used in minimalistic ways that appear conventional and modern at the same time.

  • Carpe Diem

    Stop measuring time. Life is counted by moments. Find them, and above all, Live them.

    A collection of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in yellow and argent, combined with garnets and white brilliants.

    Jewels that follow a minimalistic trend, inspired in the complicity and happiness of sharing good moments in life.

  • La Magie D’être Unique

    Feel the intensity of passion, the simplicity of movement, and the embrace of  beauty

    A collection of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets in gold and silver combined with black or white brilliants.

    Delicate jewels of harmonious design, with pieces full of emotions, creativity and strength that highlight the collection, LA MAGIE D’ ÊTRE UNIQUE.

  • So Hippie... So Chic

    “The elegance of being natural".

    This is the collection which brings us closer to Love, Peace and Freedom with the refined naturalness of its jewels.

    With shapes that reflect nature in a subtle way. The designs combine materials such as gold, silver and diamonds.

    Earrings can be long or short. The aim of this collection is to allow the combination of its bracelets, necklaces and rings.

  • Le petit Pavée

    "Small things can make a big difference"

    Rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, designed in different tones of gold and silver, combined with rubies, tsaworites and brilliants, which make all your elegance stand out, from its own simplicity and beauty.

    “Le Petit Pavée collection underlines that small things, when done in a different way, can create a big impact."


    "Water does not struggle to follow a marked path, but flows seeking its own course"

    It emphasizes the inner beauty of the perfect combination of a carved pearl and a rock crystal.

    Designs in gold and silver that will help you flow, showing you which path to take in your personal labyrinth and helping you to constantly evolve and grow.

  • I am

    “The essence of a woman is reflected in the colors of her soul and reveals her virtues to feel free and unique”

    The I am collection combines iolites, tourmalines, quartz, topaz and garnets, in gold and silver, and in light and dark finishes. With simple and actual designs that help stand out the color and brightness of each gem.

  • Aurea

    Áurea, the circle of perfection

    Aurea is a collection inspired by the pursue of perfection, through the balance and beauty of its shapes and materials.

    Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants designed in silver circles with dark details, gold, white or black brilliants and with the onyx as the centerpiece.

  • La diosa Turquesa

    "Beautiful, majestic and unique, with a turquoise reflection, this collection embraces you in welfare, happiness and life"

    The design seeks for the irregularity of each gem.

    It combines it with gold, silver and brilliants to achieve the feeling of uniqueness for every ring, pendant, earring and bracelet.

  • Lumiére

    “Whole thousand years of light and sky that open the doors of my heart and whisper in full moon light and legends of passion”

    Inspired by the rose windows of old churches and the play of light that danced in them, Lida Joies created Lumiere, the Manantial de la Luz, a collection that reflects the purity of topaz, rubellite, kyanite and providing moonstone the brightness and strength of light.

  • Flors

    “Embrace the passion it inspires, the emanating beauty, the eternity of that special moment that feels like magical ”

    The blossom of a flower is the image chosen for this collection of LIDA JOIES.

    Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants or brooches personally tailored with your desired materials.

    Let your creativity free and open your mind to the excitement of creating something unique.

  • 20age

    "The happiness of having shared all these years together, nostalgie for the past, hope for the future ..."

    LIDAJOIES commemorates its history with this collection by recovering the spirit of delicate mystery and intense feelings.

    Metals rhodium-plated in black and colored stones awaken flashes of romanticism and freedom in pendants, needles and rings of dream.

  • Angela

    "The sun always rises when you feel that there is someone next to you, caring for you"

    The collection is inspired by the magic and love of angels.

    Necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings, whose sweetness and protection will help you overcome every cloud to guide you towards the sun.

  • L'harmonia

    “I would like to be a reed dancing in the air. The thousand changes in the world would slip over me and in the middle of any discomfort, I would just feel the serene and comforting harmony”

    By using pearls with different vibrations and the purest materials, Lida Joies invites you to let go of your fears and listen to your inner soul in order to transcend the environment and feel the harmony.

  • Kanji

    “The millennial wisdom, that with a single stroke, can express the depth of feelings”

    The Kanji symbology is one of the oldest languages of the Far East.

    It draws, from unique signs, concepts as deep as happiness, faithfulness, love, purity or friendship.

  • Lágrimas de alegría

    “Awaiting that surprising moment when a curious tear reveals that all the colors of life are within me”

    Combining a design with neoclassical reminiscences with stones such as citrine, blue topaz, amethyst and moonstone, Lida Joies presents a colorful collection that, once again, goes beyond trends to offer real emotions.

  • Mil margaritas

    I remember when I was a child, I took out a thousand daisies. Each one was a dream that I wanted to make reality. Now I still feel that magic and I continue to remove margaritas, because the margaritas remind me of the importance of Dreaming.

    Margaritas is a collection that rescues the girl we carry inside, through precious gems delicately traced in daisy shapes of a thousand colors.

  • Rose

    “Open your heart and contemplate with the eyes of love. It is discovering the pleasure of giving when we feel full ”

    This collection uses the color pink as the main element, to fill us with love and energy. Rose quartz, star of the jewelry gives us light, peace and love in our lives.

  • Sunshine

    “The effort to create each stroke is just as important as the second in which we let go of it, without a moment of hesitation, to start all over again”

    The power of its forms, the symbology of its drawing and strength of its color remind us that there is no beginning or ending, the flow through life leads us closer to feel the universe's perfection. The collection brings us closer to spirituality with calm and peace that Mandalas brings to us.