Saturday March 9th, 2024

Carla Simón dazzles at the 2024 Goya Awards with Lida Joies

Filmmaker Carla Simón, winner of the Goya Award for Best New Director in 2022, once again shone on the red carpet of the 38th edition of the awards, this time wearing a jewel from the #BreakingChains collection by Lida Joies.

The steel thread necklace with gold pendant from the #BreakingChains collection was the perfect finishing touch to Carla Simón’s look. The piece, made with a 40 cm long, 1 mm thick yellow gold plated steel thread and a 4 mm yellow gold pendant with chain and ball, perfectly complemented the filmmaker’s elegant black dress.

More than an accessory, a statement of principles

The #BreakingChains collection by Lida Joies is not only characterized by its beauty and design, but also by its message of sustainability. Each piece in the collection is made from recycled materials, transforming broken chains into renewed jewelry.

By choosing this jewel for the Goya Awards red carpet, Carla Simón not only looked radiant, but also conveyed an important message about the importance of reuse and sustainability.

A symbol of resilience and transformation

Each jewel in the #BreakingChains collection is unique and unrepeatable, as is the story behind each broken chain. These pieces are a symbol of resilience and transformation, a reminder that even from difficult experiences something new and beautiful can emerge.

LidaJoies: Jewelry with history and meaning

Lida Joies is a Spanish company that is characterized by creating unique jewelry with a strong meaning. The #BreakingChains collection is a perfect example of the brand’s philosophy, which is committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

If you are looking for a jewel that is beautiful, sustainable and with a meaningful message, the #BreakingChains collection by Lida Joies is the perfect choice.

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